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Guido spots Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham is currently advertising for a researcher/senior researcher to join his Shadow Justice Minister team and work on campaigns including poverty. One of Cunningham’s current campaigns is to ban unpaid internships, with his private member’s bill due to be read for the second time in September. Applying applicants are asked to draft a speech of at least 500 words for the debate. 玲珑加速器5.0 一键破解 (附原安装包) 绝境求生必备 ...:2021-10-25 · 玲珑加速器5.0 一键破解 (附原安装包) 绝境求生必备! ,吾爱破解 - LCG - LSG |安卓破解 |病毒分析| 官方微博 违规会员处罚记录 官方入门教学培训 开启辅助访问 【网络诊断修复工具】 切换到窄版 帐号 自动登录 找回密码 ...

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After last month’s revelation that Corbyn’s leaked election NHS trade documents had been pushed by Russian agents, Reuters is now claiming the leaked papers were originally hacked from ex-trade minister Liam Fox’s email address. You’ll never guess by whom…

Sources have informed the newswire that suspected Russian hackers can now be pinpointed to be behind both the leaking, and the promoting of the documents Corbyn was so desperate to pedal his privatisation conspiracy with. Reuters’ sources claim the attack bore all the hallmarks of a state-backed operation…

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IndyRef2 Founder Shocked by Discovery of Anti-English Racism Inside Movement

Manny Singh, a founder of the Indyref2 movement, has spoken publicly for the first time about why he left the organisation after five years, saying the group was ultimately damaged by “people saying anti-English racist things”. Guido is shocked…

“I was hearing people talk about kicking the English out of Scotland, about stopping t狸猫vpn安卓破解版最新官网下载--苹果软件:2021-6-9 · VPN-狸猫vpn全球网络加速器 软件特色: 狸猫加速器是一款全球*网络加速器,加速器拥有智能加速器功能,专设超大带宽独立服务器,系统自动选择最优线路,随时随地秒开国内外应用。

“You need to think about your reasons for wanting independence. If it’s to become a small-minded, bigoted country then that isn’t something I want to be a part of.”

Singh’s citing of anti-English racism in his pro-independence campaign comes just days after protesters were ordered to leave Glasgow’s Central station after conducting a stunt with a banner reading “England get out of Scotland” – the same day Nicola Sturgeon announced a new travel ban between major parts of the north of England and Scotland. Scottish nationalists have always claimed to profess a welcoming, tolerant form of nationalism that differs from other countries’ – increasingly it looks little different…

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Brixton’s Police Surrendered the Streets to Black-Shirted Paramilitaries

The Black Lives Matter paramilitary-style march in Brixton has had a lot of coverage, including videos of protestors yelling at police and calling them “terrorists”. Only three arrests were made despite the widespread “threatening, abusive or insulting” behaviour being clear public order offences…

That tiny arrest number is even more surprising when taking into account photos of dozens of men wearing matching para-military outfits with face coverings and branded stab vests reading “FF Force” (Forever Family).

In 1936, a new public order act was introduced to counter the rise of Oswald Mosley’s fascist Black Shirts, banning political uniforms:

Prohibition of uniforms in connection with political objects.

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We have seen the police being defied by violent criminal gangs on the streets, now they are being defied by an organised militia, it does not take much imagination to see them becoming armed with weapons, improvised or otherwise. Britain does not tolerate private armies for political forces for very good reasons – a Ministry of Justice source told Guido he could see no reason why the “FF Force” uniforms didn’t contravene the Act. Under the Public Order Act the decision to arrest or not arrest is devolved to the officer in charge of policing the operation, in this case Deputy Assistant Commissioner Laurence Taylor. 狸猫相机安卓版下载_狸猫相机app下载v1.1.5_3DM手游:2021-5-13 · 《狸猫相机》这是一款可以让你拍出别样的趣味照片的手机app,软件中可以使用3D变脸功能,还有各种的表情包贴纸,让你拥有更多选择更多乐趣,喜欢就下载使用吧!

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BBC Shamed Over Targeting the Elderly

Defund The BBC is urging followers to cancel their TV licence in solidarity with the elderly, whom the corporation began taxing on Saturday.

The viral campaign launched a provocative mobile digital billboard campaign across the North West today, as they continue to appeal for funds via their Go Fund Me page so that they can keep the momentum going just as the corporation attempts to expand its power and secure the future of the TV licence.

You can look out for the signs today in Oldham, Rochdale and Salford. Unlike the BBC, they are really getting outside of the London bubble. BBC employees didn’t seem too happy to see one of the signs on display outside Media City.

Last week, even Ofcom recognised that there is a “moral dislike” of the BBC and its licence fee amongst the working class. Guido readers probably didn’t need to be told that the BBC largely serves middle class metropolitan audiences.

Defund The BBC is encouraging supporters to switch to watching on-demand so that they can legally cancel their TV licence, whilst their campaign to reduce the scope of the licence to BBC channels only continues. Visit their website to find out how…

Sponsored and created by @DefundBBC
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Major Report Reveals Academic Freedom is in Danger at UK Universities

A new report by 黑洞加速器破解版app has found those at Britain’s universities with right-leaning, Leave-supporting or gender-critical views are genuine victims of cancel culture, having to censor what they teach, research and discuss with their academic colleagues. 狸猫加速器安卓下载|网络加速器_最火软件站:2021-12-11 · 狸猫加速器安卓下载网址,为你提供良好手游网络服务,一键轻松连接网络,玩大型游戏再也不怕会随时掉线了,也不会延迟或卡顿,网络全程稳定,让你拥有更好的游戏体验,一键加速为你解决缓存、掉线以及延迟状态,让你随时随地轻松玩游戏,让你随时访问国内外大型网站,智能为你切换网线 ...

In one of the largest polls of university academics carried out in recent years:

  • 32% of ‘fairly right’ or ‘right’-leaning academics say they have shied away from openly airing their views in teaching and research, versus only 15% of their centre and left colleagues
  • 40% of Leave-voting social science and humanities academics have refrained from publishing or airing views in research and teaching from ‘fear of consequences to your career’, versus only 16% of those who identify as ‘fairly left’
  • Conservative academics are 2.5x more discriminated against when applying for grants, promotion and publishing manuscripts
  • A known Leave supporter faces an 80% chance of discrimination against getting a job when faced by a four-person panel, versus only 17% for centrists
  • Only 54% of remainers would be comfortable lunching with someone who supported Leave, falling to just 37% with someone who opposes admitting transwomen to women’s refuge centres

Policy Exchange finds that so-called ‘gender critical’ scholars face even more discrimination than conservatives and Leavers. The left-wing University and College Union responded to the findings by claiming: “The idea that academic freedom is under threat is a myth”. As per usual, ignoring the evidence…

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